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February 17, 2017

bluegrass music
Friday, February 17th  7PM - 10PM
Bluegrass Jam
@ Stanardsville Volunteer Fire Dept. Enjoy music Buy dinner there


feeding birdsTime for the
Great Backyard Bird Count
February 17 - 20

bluejayFind the facts, helpful links and reasons why you should join this year's
Great Backyard Bird Count (and, no, you don't have to do it all four days.)

Not all birds migrate - how to attract resident birds to your backyard during cold weatherNot all birds migrate - how to attract resident birds to your backyard during cold weather
Bring feathered color to your winter yard. Link.cardinal

Want more backyard feathered friends?  Trying improving the habitat to bring them home. Linkwoodpecker

Make this special treat for your birds. Link.

And when weather is freezing cold, be sure to leave unfrozen water outside for outdoor pets.


Monday, February 20th is Presidents' Day
Check our Center Yourself in Greene
Red, White and Blue Ridge
Presidents' Day Index.

flagFind out how the day started, interesting facts about our February presidents Lincoln and Washington.  Watch Presidents' Day videos, play games and enjoy other activities.

And check out our special Patriot's Tour suggestions. Many of the sites are interactive with virtual tours - perfect for a snow day with the kids at home.


fireToday, February 15th begins Virginia's Burn Law Spring season which ends April 30th. No fires before 4:00PM if within 300 feet of woodland, buildings or fields containing dry grass or dry farm materials.

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