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Stanardsville Parade



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July 4, 2015

Enjoy a home town parade full of patriotism, community enthusiasm and tons of fun, when you celebrate a

Red White and Blue Ridge Fourth
Saturday, July 4th
10:00 AM sharp
Main Street, Stanardsville, VA
Stanardsville Parade

It's The Stanardsville 2015 Fourth of July Parade

Stanardsville parade

Bring your lawn chair so you can sit along Mail Street and enjoy the floats. 

Stay for the fun

 After the parade, gather with everyone in Court Square for more fun. Special ceremony, free musical entertainment, food booths and vendors.  Not to mention games and contests. Real Hometown Fune.

From 10 AM - 3 PM
Vietnam War Foundation Museum Open House

Vietnam War Foundaiton Museum6265 Spring Hill Road, Ruckersville
No admission. Plenty of free parking.

An experience like no other.

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