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About Us

You can’t always get there from here – which is not necessarily a bad thing. All of the writers working with Virginia Greene and Greene Lite have felt the need to put pen to paper – or fingers to keyboard – all their lives. So, no matter where they started, it was natural they ended up here.

Alex Carrier began writing in Greene County in 1997 with a weekly newspaper column dedicated to caregivers of elderly relatives. The column was originally titled Seniority but was retitled Boomer Journeys in 2002 to reflect Alex’s own Baby Boomer generation.

Soon after moving to Greene, Alex met up with Juanita Largo and Virginia Greene was created. The writing duo began penning a romance novel then noticed an uncanny and common desire to kill off characters so Virginia became a mystery writer instead.

The original website Virginia Greene was simply a place where people could find out about the lives of Virginia, Alex and Juanita. While working on their first novel, the writers together and singularly worked on short stories, columns and a humor series about life in the fictitious town of Port Dingle in Greene County, Virginia.

Port Dingle Diaries has been the off-and-on journal of Virginia Greene’s life in Port Dingle. Virginia and friends Alex, Juanita and Lou occasionally share their lives on their Port Dingle Diaries Blog.

You may be asking at this point – Who is Lou? While Juanita and Alex worked to flesh out Virginia and her worries, wonders and mysteries; Alex met up with Lou Page. Both share work as journalists and worked with publicity for the Greene County Visitors Center.

When it was obvious people had difficulty remembering the array of events and activities available in Greene County, Alex and Lou started an email newsletter. The newsletter was called the Greene Light as in Go Greene County.

We all love Greene County and wanted an even bigger venue to share all the information, photos and profiles we were collecting. Since we each had eclectic interests, we also wanted to reflect those in other content we added just for interest.

Greene Lite web magazine was born from this need to expand our audience but Virginia Greene would not be left behind so they became the electronic duo of Virginia Greene magazine and Greene Lite magazine. (And not to be forgotten, the Port Dingle blog.)

If you are confused by now, not to worry. We are often confused but happy in our chaos.

Alex wanted a place to showcase her mother’s evocative poetry so Anna Alexander became a regular contributor. Other contributors were added to help flesh out content and because we thought they had something to say.

(In case you wonder, yes, this is Alex speaking and I often refer to myself in the third person but that is another story yet to be finished.)

Family and finances required Juanita and Lou to take a semi-part-time role in the magazines but they and supporters and friends work to keep the website going.

Since February of 2006, we have regularly featured new content about the wonders of Greene County and the surrounding area, poetry, essays, calendars, photos, recipes and any variety of information, humor and entertainment to share with our readers and each other.

Our goals remain the same. We want to create a business that allows us to live and work in Greene County and to exercise our creative talents. We also want to promote Greene County and the surrounding area as the perfect place to live, work, play and visit.

Our website will always remain free to our readers and we hope to make the businesses succeed for all of us by enlisting the sponsorship of advertisers. This gives us the chance to show the great businesses that currently exist in our community and showcase why this would be a good place for your business.

Virginia Greene is still working on her first novel and hopes to have it ready for your eyes only before we all age much more. Like most Baby Boomers, she is finding life filled with challenges, wonders and, way too many laughs.

We hope all of our readers enjoy our quirky humor and creative curiosity and invite you to tell us what you like and what you don’t and even share some of your thoughts and a little bit about yourself.

As editor (that would be me again – Alex), I am responsible for most of the content. If you find a mistake please let me know. I have a vision disability that often lets the strangest mistakes get onto the web. (No, I did not mean to say the nest meeting, I meant to say the next meeting.) Spellcheck is only so helpful when you can’t read small print.

That may also be why you find the print large for you but if you are a Baby Boomer it easier to read the larger print than to move the computer display across the room.  I set up the pages for best viewing in Medium text size on your browser.

We must also admit at this point that we are writers, photographers, journalist  and editors but not such great web designers.  We did this to save money and because, like most creative people we are minor to major control freaks.  We are learning but the curve is very steep.   

I am also responsible for picking out content for other sources which is really hard because there is so much interesting out there. And it is mostly good for all you grumps who think there is nothing but bad news.

If you are regular reader, you will also notice that my original content (if it  has no by-line, I wrote it) is a bit unusual but then I am not in the ordinary style of most people. Which, for those who know me, is a good thing.

If you like what we do, help us by supporting our advertisers. If you have time to send an email telling us why you visit our site, we will also share that with our advertisers and readers.

We love sharing our community with you and hope you will sometime move to or visit Greene County and say hello. Thank you for the encouragement you give us simply by regularly checking out our site.

Take care. Be safe. Enjoy family and friends. Love life. Alex Carrier 

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