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Virgnia grown nursery

Virginia Christmas Tree

Christmas tree farming is a major agricultural industry in Virginia with more than a million trees harvested and sold annually from hundreds of farms throughout the state. Virginia growers offer a wide selection of trees in a wide range of sizes. VA Christmas tree farms

Consumers may choose and cut their own tree or purchase a freshly cut or live tree. Virginia ís Christmas tree industry is a participant in the Virginiaís Finest trademark program.

Growers whose trees meet standards set by the industry and approved by the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (VDACS) may apply to use the trademark. Look for Virginia ís Finest trees this holiday season.

The Virginia Christmas Tree Industry

The Virginia Christmas tree industry is made up of thousands of growers. The size of any Christmas tree farm ranges from less than an acre to as large as several hundred acres, with a few growers having a thousand or more acres. It is estimated that there are over seven million Christmas trees growing in Virginia today.

Every year approximately one to two million Virginia grown trees are sold with a wholesale value of 20-40 million dollars. All of these trees were planted by Christmas tree farmers and are replanted yearly. The Christmas tree industry may top $50 million dollars when the value of foliage greens that make wreaths and garland is added.

Most Christmas tree growers do not rely on these sales as their sole source of income. Christmas tree farmers tend to have varied backgrounds. They may have prior farming experience, but are just as likely to be a doctor, an accountant, a truck driver, a civil engineer or a nurse. It seems that there is some indefinable appeal that motivates people to become Christmas tree farmers.

Virginia Christmas tree growers are fortunate in that most species sold as Christmas trees can be grown in some region of the state thus allowing the consumer a wide variety of a fresh Virginia grown product.

Virginia grown Christmas trees can be found at choose and cut farms, retail lots and chain stores. The Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services in cooperation with the Virginia Christmas Tree Growers Association issues a Christmas tree choose-and-cut guide to help the consumer locate these farms.

Additional information on the location of wholesale and retail sales, species characteristics, and tree care can be found elsewhere on this website. A visit to a choose and cut tree farm assures the consumer of the freshest tree possible as well as an opportunity for a memorable Christmas experience.

Christmas trees purchased at retail lots and chain stores may be Virginia grown, but just as likely come from out-of-state. Retail lots displaying the Virginia Finest logo is your best choice for a Virginia grown tree.VA Christmas tree farms

Virginia Christmas Tree Growers Association

In Greene County, try Greene Meadows Farm to get Virginia Grown Christmas Trees.

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