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Gardening Greene logog

Gardening Greene searches for up-to-date information and ideas to help you garden and decorate with green beauty.  We want to keep our Greene community green and help keep our world green as well.


garden shed

Birth Month Flowers

Local gardening groups (Greene County, Virginia area)

Gardening with Charlie index

Greene Master Gardeners page

Montly Hints and Tips

Index of news stories about gardening & plants.

Decorating with flowers



Birth Month Flowers

white carnation
January - Carnation (specifically white)


November  - Chrysanthemum

October - Marigold

Decorating with flowers and plants

American Melon Centerpiece

flower arrangement

A Bouquet of Bunches

Covered Can

Mom  - a special Mother's Day arrangement - easy and fun.

Singular Scent-iments

Six Simple Steps to Going and Growing Greensnowball arangement featuring white carnations

Spring cleaning makes for great green flower containers


Super-Bowled Treats




Gardening with Charlie Section index

Gardening during global warming


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Stardreamer DayliliesBe good to the environment by planting daylilies.  Drought and pest resistant, they need nothing nature doesn't already provide.

Carol Sarginger
Daylily Gardens @
Stardreamer Daylilies

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