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Live the Greene Life

The Greene Life is individual.  Be as involved or as isolated as you want.  Be creative.  Be community oriented.  Be part of something rare and unique. 

Everyone is welcome - except, if you are a malcontent prone to malfeasance, mayhem  and mischief - well, our good Greene County Sheriff's Department will be happy to put you up in their facilities. 

Greene County residents are a diverse blend of education, cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds with one thing in common - they love the Greene County lifestyle. 

So, with the exception of the undesirables listed above, we welcome you to our community where living really  is good and life is Greene.

Looking for a personal welcome, Ask Alex to have your questions answered.  Then check the links below and visit our pages frequently as we do our best to profile the best of what Greene County has to offer and let you know why we love Greene County and our community.

For things to do in Greene check our Community Calendar, our Events page, our Activities page and our Tourism page or Ask Alex.  This page and all the others are constantly updated, so check back frequently.

Community Matters - Citizens' Groups, Service and/or Social Organizations

Holidays Go Greene - Sections honoring the many ways we celebrate events in our personal, professional, community and national life.

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