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Developed by a lady with Sleep Apnea to help other people with Sleep Apnea

"Just because we have to wear the MASK all night,     
does not mean we have to wear the
MARKS all morning."

Treatment for Sleep Apnea has its challenges.  CPAP masks can be uncomfortable and leave marks on your face in the morning. Getting used to this therapy has enough challenges without adding marks on our faces.

These are common complaints and reasons for non-compliance of treatment.
The straps on the headgear can be made more comfortable and those marks on
your face can be mostly, if not completely, prevented.

PAD A CHEEK products are satisfaction and money back guaranteed.
Made in the United States of America    Patent Pending
(some of the products are pictured below)

Pad a Cheek Pad A Cheek Pad a Cheek Pad a Cheek Pad a Cheek

Just tell me what you need, and I will
work with you to design a solution.

Sleep Apnea treatment is changing daily.
The devices available and the numbers of people being treated are increasing.

I hope and pray that your therapy has been made better in some way by my PAD A CHEEK  
products. It is my pleasure to help you sleep better.

If it has, please tell me, and tell your friends and the providers of your equipment.
Have them contact me so more people can benefit from  PAD A CHEEK.

I welcome your feedback about my product and any suggestions for improvement.logo


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