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Happy Father's Day


Penguin Dad
Daddy Dearest,daddy dearest

Wouldnít you know it would be a girl who gets credit for Fatherís Day? Her name was Sonoma Dodd and she came up with the idea when she was in church in 1909 but it took her a whole year to get it together so the first Fatherís Day wasnít celebrated until the next year.

She lived in Washington (not where the President lives but the state.) and she had to wait until she was really old to get the President to make it a national holiday in 1972.

We found this joke on TwilightBridge. Do fathers always snore? No, only when they are sleeping! Ha, ha. Could you read us the rest of the jokes on the page? (Sorry about the yechy ads.)

And here is a great jigsaw puzzle on JigZone for you to do that says how much we love you (and it's a card too!)


We forgot to get you a card. (Mom said she would take us to the store but we werenít very good and she made us stay home after we flushed the soap down the toilet and the repair man had to fix it so we could go to the bathroom.)

Can we use your computer to go to 123greetings and create a FREE electronic card to send you?  I can count to 100 and I can say all my abc;s but not all at the same time. Would you like to hear me? We found more ecards and crafts and fun things to do at Alphabet Soup.

familyWe looked up all about your special day on Wikipedia but then Mom made us go clean up the mess we made trying to fix you a special cake.  We used all your favorite things; popcorn, chips, apples and coffee but it didn't turn out very well so Mom said she would make a good one and say we helped her do it as long as we went to our rooms while she baked. 

Mom said you could put our pictures up in your office Ďcause there is no room on the fridgerator. When are you going to take us back to your work? We promise to be real good and not get bubble gum in the elevator buttons this time.

We thought weíd adopt a big animal for the day at World Wildlife Fund. (It is only on paper so you wonít have to walk it in the cold and rain and wonít have to clean up after it.) We could get you an elephant? (Arenít you glad you donít have to clean up after him?)

We also thought you might like a tiger or a gorilla or maybe  a penguin. (Do tigers use really big litter pans like our kitty? We forgot to clean it the other day and she used our sandbox outside and Momma got really mad.)

Of course, our favorite animal is the pandafamily bear. I donít think they are too big and would be really great as a pet but Momma said there were enough wild animals in the house today. We donít have any wild animals, do we? World Wildlife Fund Adoption Center. (Can we borrow the credit card?)

Mom is making a special dinner for your day but she is using your grill. Did she ask for permission?

She said that she didn't have time to make the cake after she cleaned up where we accidentally knocked the crayons into the thing in the sink that eats things up - but not crayons. So she said you would help us make some brownies for dessert. Ya want us to go get the box.

After dinner, Mom said we are all going to take a long walk. We wanted to watch a video but Momma says that when people get as old as you they got to exercise so they can stay healthy and be with us for a long, long time. family

We want you around for longer than that because we love you. Happy Fatherís Day, Your Kids.

P.S. Mom said you would never notice we tried to sharpen your good pen in the pencil sharpener. You can ask her. Really. We just thought we ought to use a special pen to write your letter. Honest.

We love you, Dad


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Happy Father's Day

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