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Hallmark Gives the Stats on a
Modern Father's Day

Father’s Day is the fourth-largest card-sending holiday in the United States, with 105 million cards exchanged annually.

family50 percent of all Father’s Day cards are purchased for dads. Nearly 20 percent of Father’s Day cards are purchased for husbands. Other categories include grandfathers, sons, brothers, uncles, and someone special.

Two top-selling and important kinds of cards are “Dad from Daughter” and cards from a couple or family group – “Dad From Both” and “Our Wish.”

  • · Men like to be affirmed. Many men expect, and are tired of, the “put-down” cards and would like to feel more appreciated. Cards that offer genuine compliments (humor or non-humor) resonate with these men.
  • What consumers are trying to accomplish at Father’s Day is actually the same as Mother’s Day:
    Father's Day
    – Make dad feel loved, cared about, appreciated, special.

    – Let him know you are thinking about him.

    – Brighten his day.

    However, how consumers go about trying to accomplish this, and their perceptions of how important it is to the recipient differs.
  • Through maturity and experience people begin to recognize their parents’ mortality and come to appreciate how fortunate they are to have their fathers.
  • grandfather

  • As consumers move into the young/middle-parents life stage, they understand how challenging being a parent can be. That alters feelings about their own dads and intensifies the desire to celebrate him on Father’s Day.
  • Source:  Hallmark


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    Happy Father's Day

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