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Make Dad's day pop with this good-humored flower arrangement as light-hearted as he is.  Sure to bring a smile to Dad's face and let him know how happy he makes you feel.

Petals and Pop for Pop - Recipe by Jill Slater
Courtesy of the Flower Promotion Organization


Metal tub or ice bucket
Flowers: 4 gerbera daisies - 2 orange, 2 red
4 stems white Fuji chrysanthemums
Two 4-packs of bottled soda pop
2 or 3 of dad's favorite magazines
1 small popcorn container
1 plastic bag (to line popcorn container)
1 brick floral foam
Several rubber bands
Newspaper (to fill the bottom of the container)
Popcorn to cover up the (mechanics)...need a better word than 'mechanics'
1 new necktie
Floral clippers, knife and flower food/preservative

flower arrangement


Step 1 - Soak the floral foam in water that's been treated with flower food/preservative.
Step 2 - Empty one 4-pack of soda and fill with water that has been treated with flower food/preservative. Now insert the gerbera daisies, one in each bottle, at varying heights.
Step 3 - Line the popcorn box with plastic bag. Cut floral foam to fit inside container. The foam should come up about 1-inch below the rim of the container.
Step 4 - Cut the Fuji mums to about 2-inches in length and insert them into the floral foam.
Step 5 - Putting it all together:
  • Crumple newspaper and insert in the bottom of the metal tub/ice bucket (building up a lower layer of the bucket to prop up soda pop and popcorn container).
  • Insert the soda pop (both flower filled and soda filled).
  • Insert popcorn.
  • Rubber band dad's magazines and insert.
  • Cover the newspaper with popcorn.

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    Happy Father's Day

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