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Movember is the global men's health charity encouraging men to grow and women to support the Mo (moustache) for the 30 days of November. Through the power of the moustache, awareness and funds are raised for men’s health to combat prostate and testicular cancer.

In the US, programs directed by the Movember Foundation are focused on awareness and education, living with and beyond cancer, and research to achieve our vision of an everlasting impact on the face of men's health.


Movember started in Melbourne, Australia in 2003 with two guys who wanted to bring back a past fashion trend - the moustache. That year, 30 guys participated but no money was raised. In 2004, amazed by the fun they had and the conversations that were sparked, four of the 30 original members came together to make their Mo-growing an annual, official charitable endeavor by adding an important cause – prostate cancer. That year, 450 participants raised $43,000 for the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia.

Movember came to the US in 2007, with 2,127 participants raising over $740,000. This year, there will be official Movember campaigns in 21 countries.

Globally, 3 million participants have raised more than $446 million to date.


Movember moustache growth can be seen around the globe each November in 21 countries across five continents. To view the full list and for live registration and fundraising records visit Leaderboards on the Movember website.


The growth of a moustache on an otherwise bare lip sparks both public and private discussion; Mo Bros effectively becoming walking, talking billboards for men’s health for 30 days, raising funds along the way.

Participation is really easy - men and women register at the
Movember website to grow or support a Mo. Men start November 1 clean-shaven and grow their moustache for 30 days, getting friends, family and colleagues to donate to their Mo-growing efforts. Women are very important to the Movember campaign. Mo Sistas get involved in the same way as Mo Bros, except they don’t HAVE TO grow a Mo. They register at the Movember website to start a team, recruit the men in their lives to participate, donate, fundraise, and plan and participate in events.

Mo Bros and Mo Sistas can celebrate their journey at official end-of-Movember Costume Gala Partés, visit our events page to find out if there is an official Gala near you.


One of the biggest obstacles men tackle in regards to general well-being, is a reluctance to discuss health issues they face either with their partner, family or doctor. Movember was born from recognition that a fun and engaging initiative could help encourage men to become more actively involved in their own health. Movember aims to increase awareness and support for men's health by getting conversations started at a grassroots level, educating men about the health risks they face and raising vital funds for support programs.



·        Mo | Moustache

·        Mo Bro | Men who grow a moustache for Movember

·        Mo Sista | Women who love the Mo and actively support Movember and the men in their life

·        Mo Mentor | Men who have shown long-term commitment to moustache style and inspire others in the hairy challenge

·        Gala Parté | Costumed extravaganzas held around the country at the end of November, to celebrate the outstanding efforts of the Movember community. Mo Bros dress to suit their Mo and Mo Sistas dress to suit their Mo Bro.




·        Participants: 1.1 million

·        Funds raised: $147 million


·        Participants: More than 209,000

·        Funds raised: $21 million

For participation and fundraising figures of each Movember campaign visit the Movember website.

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