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This Valentine’s Day, millions will send an expression of love or like to a special someone by presenting beautiful blooms. While a dozen red roses may seem like the obvious choice on Valentine’s Day, the type and length of the relationship may deem otherwise.

Flower MDAccording to Dr. Bridget Behe (a.k.a. The Flower Doctor – ) flowers offer up more than just natural beauty. Specific varieties, colors or even how they are presented can communicate messages of love, romance, adoration or even respect.

“Before selecting flowers for a Valentine, it is important to consider which ones will best represent your relationship,” said Dr. Behe. “Flower colors and varieties hold a special meaning and with a little guidance, these beautiful bouquets can sometimes communicate better than words.”

the best bloomsRed Roses – While red roses may be the most traditional flowers received on Valentine’s Day, Dr. Behe believes they are also the ultimate symbol of romantic love. Red roses will be most appreciated by serious sweethearts, but may not be the best selection for friendships or new relationships.

Pink Roses – Are you a secret admirer? Then pink roses are the best pick. Roses in shades of pink represent secret love interests, Dr. Behe recommends presenting a small bunch of pink roses to a secret crush. The subtle color together with the small scale of the arrangement is a tasteful way to say “I’m interested.”

Colorful Daisies – Daisies are the perfect flower for the family matriarch on Valentine’s Day. A bunch of daisies in bright bold colors sent to mom or grandma will convey thoughts of love and appreciation.

Domed roses arrangementLilies – In shades of white, cream, yellow, red and pink, lilies are the true symbol of sweetness and purity. An arrangement of lilies is the ideal flower to give a special daughter.

Carnations – Carnations symbolize a love that has not yet not yet blossomed. If embarking on a first date on Valentine’s Day or just starting to get serious, a big bold bunch of pink or red carnations can make a dramatic impression. According to Dr. Behe, in recent years, carnations have come into favor. These long-lasting blooms also signify hope of a long-term relationship.

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