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Valentine's Day


No need to feel blue if you are sans Valentine this Valentine's Day.  There are some interesting ideas below - suggested by, of all people, a divorce lawyer but many are valid even if you DO have a Valentine. 

The important message is to love yourself.  Feeling good about who you are makes you more attractive to others and makes you happier as well.

As for being alone - get together with other single friends and celebrate singlehood.  Appreciate yourself.  There are worse things in life than not being in a relationship - like being in a bad one. heart

Going Solo on Valentine's Day?

No Need to Forego Love, Celebrity Divorce Attorney/Author Offers Tips

LOS ANGELES /PRNewswire/ -- Celebrity divorce attorney and author, Stacy D. Phillips, says if you're single or alone no need to feel left out or forfeit love this Valentine's Day. Phillips suggests implementing one or more of the suggestions from her "Valentine's Day 10-point plan."

Though the concept of 'love and be loved' is commonly expressed among many romantic couples through a variety of Valentine's Day customs, Phillips says, those who are not presently involved in close, intimate relationships can also participate in the one day of the year that emphasizes giving and receiving love.

"Get pro-active," Phillips asserts. "There are so many wonderful things you can do for yourself to feel loved and special during this once yearly 'hallmark' occasion." Phillips' tips on her punch list (some require a healthy sense of humor) include:

Amore1. Create your own valentine web site or blog: If bemyvalentine has been taken, create another. Nothing too personal. People will respond.

2. Photoshop yourself with your favorite celebrity: Make a card out of it, send it to yourself. Display it. Gloat.

3. Visit Surprise some old school pals by sending some email valentines. Enjoy what they send back.

4. Hit the tattoo parlor: Large or small, get one that says "I love you." It's a lifetime reminder of what you mean to you.

5. Clip a coupon: The word love must be on it. Now, buy and give that item to yourself. Act surprised.

6. Go to an animal shelter: Hang out with a dog or cat for the day. Feel the love.

Love7. Customize candy: Find a candy maker that will inscribe little heart candies with your messages. Eat them and smile.

8. Rent bad-breakup movies: Watch and give thanks the story isn't yours.

9. Go to Disneyland (or another amusement park): Go on the gondola or Matterhorn. Try "Small World," it's about universal love.

10. Who's your Mama, who's your Daddy?: Ladies call dad; men call Mom. Ask: Will you be my valentine this year? They will never say no!

Stacy D. Phillips, book, Divorce: It's All About Control - How to Win the Emotional, Psychological and Legal Wars, is at and all book stories throughout the country.

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