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Know News

dictionaryThe words most commonly used say a lot about what is happening in our world.  To follow and understand the trends, you need to know the vocabulary. 

What are the words the good folks at Merriam-Webster saw as THE words in previous years? Click on each word to discover the meaning and more and then - try to use it today in a sentence.  Yes you can!

(Note:  Oh yes, indeed, I had to look many of them up to find out the definition.)

(AND - note which word shows up on two lists)

Previous Words of the Year

Click on each of the words for their definitions in the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary.

2007Don Quixote

  1. w00t
  2. facebook
  3. conundrum
  4. quixotic
  5. blamestorm
  6. sardoodledom
  7. apathetic
  8. Pecksniffian
  9. hypocrite
  10. charlatan


  1. truthiness quagmire
  2. google
  3. decider
  4. war
  5. insurgent
  6. terrorism
  7. vendetta
  8. sectarian
  9. quagmire
  10. corruption


  1. integrity tsunami
  2. refugee
  3. contempt
  4. filibuster
  5. insipid
  6. tsunami
  7. pandemic
  8. conclave
  9. levee
  10. inept


  1. blog cicada
  2. incumbent
  3. electoral
  4. insurgent
  5. hurricane
  6. cicada
  7. peloton
  8. partisan
  9. sovereignty
  10. defenestration


  1. democracy
  2. quagmire
  3. quarantine
  4. matrix
  5. marriage
  6. slog
  7. gubernatorial
  8. plagiarism
  9. outage
  10. batten

Source: Merriam-Webster

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