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Every tourist or history fan knows about the big two in Virginia - the homes of George Washington - Mount Vernon and Thomas Jefferson - Monticello. Ash_Lawn Highland

Why not step out of the ordinary and take an extraordinary tour of the other Presidential homes? 

Ferry Farms First - of course - we suggest you Center Yourself in Greene in one of our magnificent Bed and Breakfasts or local hotels to get started. There are plenty of sites and activities right here in Greene and the local area to make everyone happy and within 1 or 2 hours of traveling through Central Virginia's Blue Ridge Mountains and rolling Piedmont, you will find yourself in historic homes and places where patriots lived, walked, had families, crafted the values that made our country great and served the greater good. Montpelier

The best part is that when you return home, you can share stories of these patriotic places so many have missed.   Be the first to take the

Center Yourself in Greene
Red, White and Blue Ridge
Patriot's  Tour.

 Patriot's Tour: The other Presidents' places - homes, retreats, the places that were important to the Virginia Patriots that became, if not the most well known,  some of America's greatest Presidents.

Watch for other specialized tours coming soon.

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