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Caring Choices - Traditional, Cremation and Graveside Services

   Modern funeral services reflect the person that lived and the lifestyle of the family.  Funeral ceremonies can be religious or secular, held in a church or the our private  chapel. We help you plan and select the most meaningful funeral service for you and your family.

Traditional Funeral Service 

This service is held at the family’s church or in the funeral home chapel with a visitation or family night held the day before the service. Families can customize the service to their wishes.

Cremation service 

Families interested in cremation can have a viewing and a funeral service. The customs and ceremonies associated with a funeral service can be honored prior to the cremation.

We offer economical caskets and rental caskets for this service. As always, you can personalize the service to the individuality of the deceased.

We offer other economical services involved in cremations such as a memorial service with out the deceased present or a direct cremation.

Graveside service

This service is usually held at the location of the burial or the cemetery of choice instead of a church or funeral home chapel. The family gathers at the chosen site and incorporates the same ceremonies used inside the church or funeral home chapel.  A quiet location under the canopy of a tree or a more formal setting with tent and chairs is used to perform the service

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