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Then we welcome you and hope we become regular and good friends.

(If you are just checking back to see what we are up to, click here to go to the newest additions.) 

The first thing you may notice is that we seem to be in a constant state of renovation.  After 15 months on the web, we have learned a lot (which considering we started with little knowledge of web magazines - nada).  And  if you start at the bottom there is no where to go but up - well we have learned how little we know and how much more we have to educate ourselves about.

But, knowledge, good sense and prudence aside; we are extending our enthusiasm and passion into more unchartered territory and trying to make some changes we think are exciting and that we hope you will find intriguing and exciting  as well. 

Funny thing about renovation and remodeling;  you have to live with it and work with it during the process.  So while our bits and bytes and hertz and formatting and coding go scattering about the Internet, we hope you will forgive our broken links and dead clicks and inevitable mistakes and be patient.  (If you have any extra patience to share we could sure use some here.)

We'll do our best to keep most of the pain on our end and hurry the process along.  If we could only squeeze another 10-12 hours out of a 24 hour day that would be really helpful. 

When we are finished (like that will ever happen) there should be some more helpful information on this page to assist you in understanding the logic used to create this site.  (Trust me, some very smart people have been trying to figure out my logic for a long time and well - it's an ongoing effort.)

We would wait until all the changes are done but there is so much going on in this area and so much to share, we just decided to put it out there and beg your patience, forgiveness and understanding.  (In case you hadn't noticed yet, our editorial process and guidelines are a bit out of the norm.)

For the moment, we hope you will enjoy and find useful informational on the available pages. 

Thanks, Alex Carrier, chief cook and bottle washer and, oh, editor.

Newest Additions:

The best way to view our pages is in the View/Text Size medium.  That is the way we design them.  Our formatting is a bit large because 2 of us have visual problems and many of our readers are Baby Boomers who would prefer not to have to move the monitor back so they can see clearly.  (You know who you are.)

We know it gets a bit crowded but we have put links in as many places as possible so you can find what you need.

As for the ads, we try to keep them visible but not in-you-face.  We also try to keep them interesting.

Please remember that these are the people that give us the money to make our pages free to readers.  (Not to mention pay our bills and give us the freedom to work on this full-time.)

We sincerely ask that you check out at least one or two ads each time you visit.  There are great products and services to be found in Greene and many of them can be accessed by the web and you can even order them on the web and receive them at your home. 

Our mission is to promote all that is wonderful about Greene County and the surrounding area and the support of our advertisers lets us do that. 

Okay, getting off the soapbox for now. Will let you know what is new as we go on.  Alex 

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