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Greene County Historical Society

Greene CountyThe Greene County Historical Society is dedicated to preserving the fast-vanishing Greene County of earlier times, for current and future residents. A lot is going on, so here is a thumbnail sketch.

The Society is working hard to renovate the Old Jail. Now that Voter Registration has moved to their new location (32 Stanard Street), we’ve been able to focus on using the lower floor as exhibit and research space.]

A major renovation is under way, and we have made a big start by putting in proper climate control (heating, cooling and humidity control), to protect delicate fabrics and documents.

We’ve applied to NiSource, parent of Columbia Gas, for a grant to help with the rest of the renovation, and hope to hear this year whether they have awarded us any money. We are also going to be getting some help from the University of Virginia’sGreene county Special Collections staff, who will do an audit of our collections and give us some guidance as to how to best care for them.

In the not too distant future, we hope to return to having regular open hours – but this can only happen if we attract a group of volunteers who will serve as docents.

Have I told you why people should be interested? We have a wonderful collection of artifacts from Greene’s past, and we have a huge database of information about Greene’s past population for genealogy research. If we don’t preserve these items and this information, it will be lost forever.

Jackie Pamenter, Greene County Historical Society
Photos of Greene County by Lou Page

Greene County Historical Society Museum and
Genealogy Research Center

Greene County Historical Society
38 Court Street
PO Box 185
Stanardsville, Virginia 22973

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