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Greene County Historical Society

The Greene County Historical Society invites everyone to join them for a special 1 hour program.Greene County Courthouse

Date: November 19
Time: 4 pm - 5pm
Place: The Greene County Courthouse

Lt. James Bond of the Albemarle County Police Department, will share his knowledge and insights about World War I. Bond relates stories of the doughboys as American service men were called included both the grimness of war and the funny, ironic and sometimes lighter side of the lives of these men fighting through France.

Visitors to the event will also be able to view Bond's collection of trench art pieces. They will also be treated explanations of the importance of carrier pigeons during this conflict.

Refreshments will be served after the event at the Old Jail, the Greene County Historical Museum.

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Greene County Historical Society Museum and
Genealogy Research Center

Greene County Historical Society
38 Court Street
PO Box 185
Stanardsville, Virginia 22973

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