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Greene County Historical Society


Join them on Saturday, April 19 @ 4:00Pm for their annual public meeting and the presentation:
"Memories of Mina Street"
Residents of Stanardsville during the 1930s through 1950s will reminisce about life along Main Street and in the town.  Meeting @ the Greene County Courthouse

2007 grand opening

The December 1, 2007
Grand Opening
- story and photos


Rucker cabinet

December 1, 2007 Grand Opening Announcement


Greene County Courthouse

November 2006  special speaker
Bond Brings  Battle
to Life

Greene county

2006 Introductory Page







Greene County Historical Society Museum and
Genealogy Research Center

Greene County Historical Society
38 Court Street
PO Box 185
Stanardsville, Virginia 22973

Open 10AM - 3PM Fridays and Saturdays or by appointment.

Logo and information from Greene County Historical Society website

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